Quadra Wood Fences

Fencing from Quadra Wood Products Ltd. comes in three widths: 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8. The lengths are 2′ through 6′.

Quadra Wood Fences are not only beautiful, but they also offer outstanding performance. Whether you choose custom built or pre-built panels, Quadra Wood Fences will outperform other materials without the need for chemical treatments. Quadra Wood Fences is naturally durable and has a low percentage of sapwood which means it will stand up to the elements longer than other woods. The beauty of Quadra Wood is often imitated but nothing can match the warmth and character of the real thing. When designing and specifying fencing materials, don’t settle for anything but Real Cedar.

We carry all sizes and styles of fence panels. If you have custom designs just bring us a picture and we will make it! All sizes and styles have 5 different grades of fence panels. The difference in grade is the quality of cedar used on the fence panel, there is no difference in the quality of workmanship regardless of the grade.

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We produce five grades of fencing:

Quadra D&BTR Clear

This grade has virtually no knots in the fencing lengths. Intended for applications where the finest appearance is desired. Posts are manufactured
to a strict standard which restricts all natural characteristics that may detract
from the fine appearance.

Quadra 2&BTR No Hole

Specified when knotty posts of the best quality are desired. The standard requires sound and tight knots, prohibits wane and holes, and limits heart centers. Other characteristics are limited so as not to detract from the appearance.

Quadra Custom Knotty

Combines good looks and budgetary value for the cost-conscious builder. The standard does not permit holes and limits heart centers. Wan and unsound knots are highly restricted.

Standard & Better

Commonly used for general fence construction where structural characteristics are more important than appearance. This grade permits a range of characteristics that meet the service requirements for fencing.

Quadra Commercial Fence

This grade is used where the quality is not an issue. The grade encompasses all the lumber that does not make the above grades. All of the fencing we produce is re-sawn textured face with smooth backs and edges known as SiS2E.


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